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Thread: Vegas 9.0 Pro Will Not Preview Audio

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    Default Vegas 9.0 Pro Will Not Preview Audio

    I've ran into this problem today, my video file peaks are built, but the audio will not play, when I render the file the audio is there. I just cannot get it to play during my preview.

    Also maybe someone can help me with this problem, when I un-installed and re-installed my Vegas, and deleted my Sony folders. Now my project files (.veg) will not open, I get this error "an error occoured while loading the project file (project file name) An error occurred reading the file. Make sure you have read access to the file/folder and that it is not corrupted.

    The files have not been moved, or renamed, the projects just won't open. I can always re-create my project, as it was just clips from my raw files, but If I could get my projects to open, that would save me quite a bit of time.

    My files are .M2TS, and work fine if I drag them in, just the audio won't preview, actually, NO audio will preview, MP3 files included.

    Please help me, this is driving me nuts, I have even done a system restore, to no avail.

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    OK, let's try the obvious first. Is the audio track muted? Will the audio preview OK from the trimmer window? Does other audio play OK in say Windows media player?

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    are the VU meters gong up and down?

    Tray using the BAK veg file and see it that will load

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