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Thread: Without A Reason (W.A.R.) short

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    Default Without A Reason (W.A.R.) short

    A more serious look at the effects of depression during a war. Sorry, no comic relief this week but I hope you enjoy!

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    There was a bit to much over acting from the talent, he seemed more drunk than depressed. I liked the over all look of the piece BUT the FX was spoiled at the end by a hand held shot of the building moving but the flames not moving with it. It just didn't look real. It's much better than I could do as I've never attempted this sort of thing. BUT it didn't work for me. BUT I still thought it was a very good effort.

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    Haha well thanks for the comments I am the "talent" so I'll have to work on the acting As for the end, it was actually not the flames that don't move with it (they ARE motion tracked to the shot) it's that I forgot to fix the mask. The mask stays in the same spot while the building moves so if you look along the edge of the building you can see a shift. I was hoping it would be so quick and minor that people wouldn't notice but this is a video forum I suppose! In retrospect, I wish I had locked off the camera on a tripod and added motion in post to make my job easier. I could fix the masking issue but it's too much time and effort for what this project was. Thanks, as always, for the comment though MB. I always appreciate knowing what I can work on!

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