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    Default Burning problem

    I have created a DVD successfully (not easily, I have to say) using Studio 9SE. Instead of buring directly on disk, I created a disc content so I could burn several copies. But everytime I burn a copy from the same source, the results vary. I can't get another CD to burn successfully again and I have no clue as to why. It'll get stuck in certain parts and the video becomes choppy.

    I"ve checked the disc content and it plays fine...

    any suggestions? i've trashed about 10 DVDs so far trying. I've also tried rendering again (a very tedious & long process)...I've tried simply copying the one DVD i was able to create successfully..didn't work yet again. :( :(

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    bad discs? What brand/writer?

    did you make an image? Try burning the image with dvd decrypter.
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