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    Hi there,

    Hope you like it.

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    Looks very scary to me.

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    I guess there isn't a better complement than that one, so I thank you. We really want this project to surprise the audience, bringing a new atmosphere to the horror cinema.

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    I thought this was great. It really was a teaser - we could see something going on. we could see it was rather unpleasant, body parts, blood etc, but we couldn't really see what, whay, when how, who etc. It created tension and intrigue. As intended. I really liked the lighting used for most of the shot - about 5-10 lit, the resty in darkness - very effective.
    It's more a question of personal taste than a criticism, but I thought there were maybe too many different VFX.
    I also thought 20 secs of titles at the front of a 1.20 teaser is far too much.

    In fact, given that your teaser is presumably mainly going to be aired on the web, you'd do well to remove them altogether. You'll have lost most idle browsers by 5 secs and the vast majority by 10. Hit 'em straight away with an attention grabbing shot.

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    I really liked it, however I did find my eyes were straining quite a bit with the proportion of black verses action at the beginning and a couple of other moments - ie face in mirror.
    I much preferred the shots 32 seconds in.

    Agreed on the titles though, if its necessary to have them then maybe consider the 'in association/logo' at the end?


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    I really thank you both for your comments. The critic you made about the time we spent with titles and association logo in the first seconds does make sense, it will certainly be a important thing to consider when editing the final version of the short-film.

    Considering that this was made in one night, improvising the lightning and screenplay in the moment, by just two persons, I couldn't be happier with the feedback it is having. I just hope that we can fulfill the expectations with pure terror.

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