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    Hi there!

    [2nd video removed]

    Hope you like it. If you want to check more, just click.
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    I liked it but was a bit disappointed with the end. i.e. it didn't seem to have one. You did a good job of showing the mood and internal emotions of the young man but it lacked clarity in what happened, why was he now alone etc. It seemed to set things up for the story but the story never happened.

    I thought it was shot quite well. I have to say I'm starting to get a bit bored with the orange and teal "film look" which is popular these days but it does work.
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    Thanks for giving your opinion.

    About the first video, we've already had the same complain about the lack of continuity of the screenplay. We knew that we would take a major risk ending the short film as we did, but we kept firm with the idea of making a simple video, just for the sake of it. In addiction, we couldn't shoot more scenes because we only spent a day in that place, so what we've seen was the best we could create with just a couple of hours to spare.

    I understand what you're saying. We're going to start shooting that horror short film soon, I promise that we'll run away from all the cliché.

    Anyway, here goes a experimental video:

    [video removed]
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    I've not really anything to add to Midnoght's comments. The steadycam shots were nocely attempted though the framing did drift a little.

    I've removed links to the other films. Please post them again in their own threads. We very few rules, but one "video per thread" is one we really enforce in this section otherwise we lose track of what comment relates to which film.

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    Thanks for your comment. I see what you're saying, but it's important to tell that our steadycam is homemade, built with the help of this project: DIY Steadicam, Glidecam

    I didn't know that, my fault there. I will post the other videos in different threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AWEPictures View Post
    I see what you're saying, but it's important to tell that our steadycam is homemade
    In that case I have two apparently contradictory follow-up comments:

    1. Great that you've homebuilt a steaducam and got some good results with it

    BUT ....

    2. The audience aren't going to know that or care - all they'll see is an occasionally poorly framed picture (though they probably wouldn't articulate it as such)

    So, build on what you've learnt. Enhance and improve the steadicam or learn to work within its limitations.

    Thanks for posting the link BTW.

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    It really is a bit tricky getting used to it, and besides I believe that the weight distribution isn't perfect, which might be the answer to the occasionally poorly framed picture.

    Thanks again for the support. This kind of feedback is essential to the improvement of our future creations, even more if considering that we're amateurs.

    You're welcome, I thought I was good to share it.

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