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Thread: Help to ID a possible Vegas music track please?

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    Default Help to ID a possible Vegas music track please?

    Hi, I'm new here and have a slightly OT request.

    In 2005 I created a video clip and used a free sample sound file for background music. The sample definitely came from a video editing program and I have always thought it was Ulead Videostudio v8 but having researched this it now seems it may have come from an early version of Vegas. I have uploaded a sample taken from the video clip, here:


    I have been searching for ages, I found tried trial software installed it and the track wasn't included, I even tried music recognition software but nothing has worked so far. If anyone could help I would be very grateful.

    Best regards,

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    Mike, Sorry, but I don't think anyone in their right mind would download a file from an 'unknown' in this day and age. Maybe try uploading to youtube? I don't remember Vegas including sound files (But I've only been onboard since version 6). Ulead Media Studio pro definitely did though.

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    It is an mp3 file, I have never heard of any malware or virus ever being carried in an mp3 file and I've worked in computer security. Even it it wasn't a true mp3 but has an mp3 extension is still wouldn't be able to do anything unless it was changed to say an .exe or .sys etc. - Can you get a virus through MP3 files

    The file is genuine and clean (I run ESET NOD32 local AV and KAV network security).


    Edit: youtube link as requested:

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    Update: I very kind chap called Ron on the Corel forum has found it for me, a gratis sample from Videostudio version 9 which he had saved. I am most grateful to him and his bravely in downloading the original file. Still, he spent most of yesterday apparently dodging tornadoes in Kansas, USA so the fact he helped me out is quite astonishing. I am truly very grateful to him.
    Best regards,

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    Nice one! Glad you got it sorted.

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