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Thread: Permiere 6.5/MPEG Export - A/V sync problems

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    Default Permiere 6.5/MPEG Export - A/V sync problems

    Hey all - first timer here.

    I just finished my first project in Premiere 6.5 - a 40-minute video - and I'm ready to burn this pup to DVD.

    The first time I exported the project to DVDit! using Adobe's MPEG exporter program, the video and audio came out as separate files. I'm pretty sure I want both a/v in the same file, so I went back and activated the mutliplex option, then did another export.

    Upon playback, whether it be with DVDit, Windows Media Player or InterWin DVD player, the audio quickly gets out of sync with the video, even though all's fine when I preview the project in Premiere. It gets worse the farther you get into the video.

    Being a total noob, I'm sure I'm missing some fundamental step, but I'm not sure what that is. I have a quick computer (P4 2.7Ghz, 512MB RAM), so I don't think that's the issue.

    Any advice? Thanks in advance...kev

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    my specs are similar to urs and i get the same problem too. it doesnt matter what program i use still does the same

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    Default Thanks...

    Thanks for the reply. Being in the TV biz, I talked to a couple people around here who are versed in this.

    They said that Premiere 6.5 hasn't been the best program for exporting a/v. One guy's suggestion was for me to export the video as a .m2v file, and export the audio as an uncompressed .wav file. I guess DVDit can marry the two.

    I'll give that a try...kev

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    But then again when u add them together may do the same thing. Did for me! I made two separate files on TMPGenc and then when i used Miltiplex on TMPG and other progs to put them back. i ended up with the same problem still. lol

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    Default premier to dvd

    Hi, when i use premiere 6.5 and want to put the finished mpeg movie to dvd i use a program called Easy cd and dvd Creator. I have no problem with this program. I use it in my wedding business all the time. Hope this helps.

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    yea i use that too sometimes, its v6 and called DVD builder isnt it?

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