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    I'm a student editing our final university project. The original footage is AVC Intra (HD), but as final cut doesn't support this natively, and for ease of editing, I've offlined to DV quality to edit. I did this using media manager in FCP and selecting the DV quality option. Now, there's no problem with showcasing the work in HD as I can just online the material again. However, soon I will need to show the film from a MiniDV tape. I can't just print my online edit onto MiniDV tape (as it's in 1080), but I'm wondering if I'm getting the best quality I can through just printing my current offline edit to tape?

    Basically I'm asking if anyone knows what file format I should convert my full res material to, that would give me the best quality on a MiniDV tape.

    Thanks, I hope this is clear enough.

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    AVI Format

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