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Thread: what camera?!

  1. Default what camera?!

    Hi ok so i'm going to get a laptop, sony vegas pro 9 editing software and some type of camera. But i'm SOOO confused on what camera and laptop to get to match the editing software exactly becaue I want to make sure everything works together so that it runs smoothly. does ANYONE know exactly what camera and/or laptop to get that is compadable with sony vegas pro and runs smoothly? ANY ADVICE WOULD HELP ALOT!!! THANKSSS

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    The main thing to consider is are you going for a High def or Standard def camera. If you are going for a HD camera you could do with a quad core processor in your computer. If standard def a dual core will be fine. Buy the way Sony Vegas is now on version 10.

    Working with High Definition video is probably the most intensive thing a computer will do, so the more powerful the better. There is a ton of HD cameras out there that can shoot good quality a lot depends on what you want to do and how much dosh you have got to spend.

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    oh yeah im thinking about getting maybe an HD camera and i know about pro 10 but my dad wants me to start out with something a little less expensive to see if im really into this.

    But my real question is, is there any company or brand of camera and laptop that you think/know works well with the editing software? i really need an answer and a specific laptop and camera soon. I know it has to be a windows camera but I wondered if you knew a SPECIFIC laptop and camera. if you could help me with THIS QUESTION that would help alot. THANKS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeaceLoveEditing View Post
    But my real question is, is there any company or brand of camera and laptop that you think/know works well with the editing software?... if you could help me with THIS QUESTION that would help alot. THANKS!
    I suggest you read Midnight Blue's comments again - he answered your question. Vegas will work equally well with footage from any given camera "type" (e.g. AVCHD, DV etc). To clarify, It will handle footage from one AVCHD camera in the same way as another - it's a bit like asking what combination of car and petrol go together best. Perhaps a more pertinant question is what's the optimal camera for your budget and needs (which is what Midnight Blue asked). Armed with this knowledge, I'm sure someone will recommend something.

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    oh ok. sorry im still a novice in this stuff, so I don't really understand what you mean by that. so like are you saying that vegas pro will work with any camera? because if that's the case then that's good but then i still need an answer about the laptop. because im not sure which laptop to get

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    Yes, Vegas will work with many formats (AVCHD, HDV etc), so you could say that it will work with any camera. What cameras do you have shortlisted? What laptop you buy is dependant on your budget - what is your budget???

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    I was thinking about getting the Sanyo Xacti VPC TH1 if u know what that is one of my favorite youtubers uses that camera and that her videos and that editing software and her videos r good so I was thinking that one and I think my budget is probably around $700 or $800. Around there I'm not totally sure. Does that help?

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    Ask your dad, that's what he's waiting for.
    The camera doesn't matter (well, not much they are all rubbish compared with ProGear that cost 10x what we can afford), You've been told you'll need a quad-core and in a Laptop that spells expensive (and watch cooling). The screen may become an issue, although with young-eyes used to close-work it may be OK, but if you can Try before you buy, most PC's will have video-editing capability, but MS dro[pped moviemaker with Win7 - you have to download a replacement, so a PC in the shop won't have it. Playing a movie isn't the same as the Vegas program is somewhat cluttered.
    I don't understand yr finances . . . the latest Vegas does HD and is quite cheap at 35 - I wouldn't waste time using an earlier version. Sacrifice a small amount of spec (like HDD drive-size), since you'll need external storage.
    Go and ask yr dad what he thinks . . . . . getting advice from strangers is never so good.

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    what do u mean what is he waiting for? he's waiting for me to get some advice from some people that really know alot about video editing i think. I'm not completely sure. But do you know the difference between Sony Vegas pro , Sony Vegas Movie Studio, and Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum? Because Sony vegas pro is $600 while the others are only about $ it worth the extra 500 or should i stick with the other ones? and is windows 7 the best laptop for it? if these questions are answered id REALLY appreciate it! THANKS ALOT!

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    Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 is your best bet. Windows 7 is a great O/S and will work great with Sony Vegas. You'll need a laptop with a nice CPU, decent amount of RAM, and video card to handle editing HD film. You can get away with a laptop with similar to this.

    Really though i think you should take a week or 2 and read up, so you have somewhat of a better idea of what you'll need.

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