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Thread: replacing background, while recording.

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    Default replacing background, while recording.

    hello everybody,

    I'm looking for software that has the possibility to overlay the background with a picture while recording. So that it wil only record the picture and eveything that comes in later.

    It doesn't have to be able to record from a camcorder, or something similair. I have a ps3 eyetoy hooked up to my computer, which works as a webcam. I want to record from that.

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    i want to use the program (if there is a program) to replace the use of an actual green screen, because i think an actual green screen is to expensive. The eyetoy ps3 camera isn't that bad, it's not perfect, but it does a pretty good job. So i hoped it wouldn't be a problem.

    If there is a program out there, just say so. If it doesn't work, ill find out by myself.

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    The answer to your question is yes & no.

    You can do what you want but you would still need a green screen. This is whether you are changing the background live of during editing. To do it live needs a level of sufistication and futher equipment. If you think weather person on the TV, that is an example of this technology. There is I'm sure scaled down cheeper versions but if the thought of buying a green screen is to much for you then this technology is not really for you.

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    "When you want help from people on a forum, as a new member, it's usually best to at least try to be nice."
    i'm sorry, i didn't mean to be rude. I was just in a hurry and typt my reply a bit to quick, i guess.

    I was planning on using an image with the color of a green screen as a background, removing the use of a actuall green screen.
    If there is a program that can do this, could some one post the name of the program, unless it needs extra hardware equipment. Even if it's payed, i would be able to check reviews online and mayby pay for it.

    I do have the money for a green screen, but i was hoping there was a cheaper alternative. Or something at a similair price wich would work beter in my room :P

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    Perhaps somethig like THIS might be what you want. There is lots of software that does this kind of thing. If you do a Google search for "Live Green Screen Software", I'm sure you'll find some other.

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    thanks for the link, haven't checked out the software yet, but i'm sure to let you know.
    I would also like to thank you for what i should be looking at in google, i hd already try out alot of things, but with no results

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    Pardon me but this is all topsy-turvy, IMHO.
    Here is a guy that is using a low-res system and willing to spend serious money on the Software . . . . which is unlikely to fix the Hardware problem.
    It might be better to hire the kit (or a Green-screen studio) and at least discover how it's done. One alternative I didn't see mentioned, is back projection - a series of still could be back-projected and this should produce the basic set-up required. Then the issues of low-res will affect both subject and background equally. Not moving though, as that will screw up the whole, almost certainly.

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