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Thread: How to transfer VHS to PC!!!! Please help

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    Default How to transfer VHS to PC!!!! Please help

    Hi, Iv managed to capture my vhs to my pc through pinnacle by conecting a vhs player to a Scart to 3x Phono RCA AV Cable, which i have then connected to an easy cap usb capture device into my pc. The problem i have is that i can capture fine in MPEG-1/2 but the quality of the video is rubbish. If i try and capture in AVI it drops so many frames so the video cuts up a lot and i there is no audio as the sound is in pcm. Can anyone help me please? thanks

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    Make sure you have nothing running on your PC in the background like Anti Virus. Email etc... This can cause dropped frames. Also make sure your hard disk is defragmented and not too full.

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    Thanks for the quick reply and i dont have anything running in the background. I was wondering if it was the wiring i was actually using although i did buy the wires new from ebay

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    Hi yeh its stable but solid but low quality. Although i have managed to get capture the vhs in avi mode now without frames dropping however somehow it is 15 mins shorter then the one i captured in mpeg-1/2 and i still cant capture sound with the avi format one.

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