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Thread: Documentary style photo motion in Vegas

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    Default Documentary style photo motion in Vegas

    I'm looking to add photos in my film and have them either zooming out or in, how do I acheive this in Vegas? I have heard of another independant program that does this which I can then use to import the file into Vegas, does anybody know the name of the program? Also I'm working in 16:9 widscreen, if there is a way to add that type of motion in Vegas how do I make a normal photo move documentary style in a widescreen format (working with ntsc dv widescreen)?

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    Default Pan?Crop


    What you want is the tool, "event pn/crop" This can be accessed by clicking the little pan/crop icon on the acutal media file in the timeline or thru the tools menu. It will bring up a menu. The X and Y axes are the vertical and horizontal motion.

    At the bottom of the screen is another timeline. First move the box and zoom in (by dragging corners of boxes) to achieve the desired look of the first frame of the media. (Hint :: use the preview so u can determine the starting point). THen click at teh end of the timeline in the pop-up box or anywhere else on the timeline, and change the position of the photo or the size of it (by dragging the corners).

    Playing around in the pan/crop will optimise ur photos for 16:9 (by zooming in so that teh top and bottom of hte image is cropped)


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