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    The following YouTube link takes you to a video that has been remove at the request of the UK Gov.

    We are living in a Big Brother state. I saw this video before it was removed, It's has no copyright issues, no bad language, sexual content or violence, except from the police, It is just political censorship. We no longer live in a free country with the rights to free speech. Same on Google and YouTube for alowing this aswell as same on the UK Gov. for doing this.

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    If concerned, I would enquire to the relevant Gov department or to an MP.
    However, there are several clips of this incident. One has the ludicrous title of "Judge being arrested for treason released by freemason police".
    I suspect this clip is the same as the one MB refers to
    www youtube com/watch?v=3-AtmpNIhh4 . Dreadful stuff. They did not use a tripod.
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    Dreadful stuff. They did not use a tripod.
    So you think they banned it on the grounds of taste.

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