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    Hi Guys,

    I currently own the Panasonic SDHD700 which I love and picked up for a bargain. I also have a Maplins 150 HD Camcorder and then a Samsungs Digital SLR which is pretty impressive for its price again.

    I'm now looking to get a tv broadcast quality camera to shoot music videos/commercials/films on.

    I'm not sure wether to go for a SLR or a normal video camera, my budget is 850 and currently I was looking to get this camera- Panasonic HDC-MDH1 the Panasonic HDC-MDH1?? But do you guys know if its any good??

    But I'm not sure if to look at a Canon, although many ppl have told me for video the accessories are expensive and they are for photography really not video editing-

    Any feedback or suggestions on other cameras, I would prefer something that has that TV look yano and accessories aren't too expensive and with sensors (3MOS, 3CCD) etc etc for the price..Let me know though guys..Thanks

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    Unless I'm mistaken, the HDC-MDH1 is a toy dressed up to look to the casual observer like a pro camera. It's a plastic box around a not very impressive camera.

    Your SD HD700 is superior. For a start it has 3 sensors (one each for Red, Green & Blue) whereas the MDH has one.

    It's certainly not "broadcast" quality. For your budget, the replacement for your SD700, something like the TM900 is about as good as you're going to get. But i doubt that would be worth the upgrade.

    I suspect you'd be looking at something like the HMC151 (best part of three grand inc VAT) for a significant improvement (bigger sensors, bigger lens, more accessible manual controls) but I'd be quite happy for someone to correct me.

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    Thanks for letting me know that..I've been looking around and the Canon 550D doesn't look too bad and claims it has a 18MP lens and quite a fe wfocuses and sensors for HD Movie Recording, is that any good?

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    Okay Basically, I'm a musician and actor. This year I want to got my music videos on TV. I have a video editor who my management have sorted out to edit videos. Last year I hired a 'broadcast' quality camera sony z1..which to be honest was very disappointing footage wise. The video also had issues when submitting to Television as apparently shots were coming pixelated etc etc. Because of this I got put off z1's for life, despite the editor saying he felt it was the drum or something on that specific z1 we had hired. However after already paying out 400 for the hire and agreeing to the hire companies terms and agreements I felt i had to pay this.
    Since however I felt that it was probably better to invest in my own camera, as that hire money could have gone towards a camera. So I started to look around in January 2011 and after much discussion on many forums on the internet..I was going to buy the 800 Panasonic HDC-SD700 Video Camcorder..which test footage, features and spec had blown me away in combination with excellent reviews from forums to my needs. Luckily, fate have it a couple of weeks when I did have the money in the bank (after saving) I went onto the site which had the camera the cheapest (camerabox) and they had reduced the camera signifcantly due newer models the tm750 i believe and tm900 had come out. So I got the camera at only 560 including a 5 year warranty UK Version brand new. I didnt expect for the money I paid the camera to be what you get is what you pay for..and I let the video editor and my management keep the camera..however the video editor to his amazement..bigged up the panasonic camera praising it saying it was actually better resolution and footage wise than the z1. It also had just as many features. He said the only disadvantage to the camera was its lightness for tripod use and also sensors (quick movement it cant handle). However he told me he could definetely work with what I got. Anyway we shot a music video on the camera..same company quality checked it as the z1..and to our amazement its passed all quality checks and the new music video is now being looked at by MTV etc etc TV companies.

    Basically now I am looking to get another camera of sort of similiar spec..Ive been told I won't get a 'broadcast' quality camera for the budget I have, and have been looking at the tm900 panasonic model..but then was told about sony's model and maybe a canon xha1 would be good for me or DSLR. However I just feel with DSLRs theyre primary function is stills not video, plus the accessory cost is alot. So now I'm pretty stuck on what to get. My Budget is currently 830. However I could stretch this to say 900-1000 if I save a bit more and see the right camera. My main use I want for the camera is to shoot music videos on and short films, but with sony and panasonic having so many video camcorders out in that price range along with canon im unsure which to go with as i dont want to get a low resolution cam either that looks really different to the panasonic sdhdc700 footage wise when the cameras cost me more. I also definetely want something that shoots in HD and if it has a hard drive this would be preferred but not essential.

    So..any suggestions guys?

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    It's quite strange reading and trying to work out exactly what's going on, what your doing and who else is doing stuff etc. etc. Would I be right in thinking that your a musician who has made a video or 2 and is now interested in film making?

    If so, get the better camera and someone who can use it to it's best only when you need it.

    Buy the Panasonic and learn about film making with it. Meanwhile hire a camera man for each music video you make. It's hard to tell but I think what your editor may be saying is that you are getting better results from a consumer level camera, which has been designed for such a user, and is more sutable for your needs.

    The Panasonic range cameras you are looking at are definately not broadcast quality and perhaps surprisingly, either is the Z1. Well in some cases, each broadcaster has their own spec. and the HDV format doesn't fit the spec for most, if not all, HD broadcasters. This is mainly due to the pixel shape. The Panasonics are easiest put down to their sensor size.


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    Yeah well am thinking of getting a canon xm2 i was going to buy one for 250 but last minute the guy admitted it had a drum fault. :( Need to find a good site for them really

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