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Thread: No. 73 Full Episode PART 1+PART 2 on Youtube of 'The Roller Skates' 18 mins long

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    Default No. 73 Full Episode PART 1+PART 2 on Youtube of 'The Roller Skates' 18 mins long

    Hi, all

    to the previous post, the second episode that i have made, i have uploaded the full episode on youtube it's a tribute to the comedian,
    Frank Sidebottom, 18 minutes long!! 1980's meets 2011!! feel free to leave comments!!


    PART 1

    PART 2

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    All sets are now finished, time for rehearsel and filming, does anyone know if you can post photo's on this website??

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    When create or reply to a post, tehre are a number of icons along the top of the message area. One is "Insert Image". I guess you can work the rest our for yourself ...

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    Default photo's

    Thanks Tim, ile upload them

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    Default Photo's of on set for new episode ''The Move''

    photo's of part of the hallway and the kitchen, the left hand cupboard has the mechanism so the doors open and close!! the left draw opens with bits and bobs inside!!
    Part of the hallway had to be re constructed and then i added the old telephone oon it's little cupboard!

    Achoo kitchen best.jpg'the move' episode 3 03.jpg'the move' episode 3 02.jpg
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