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Thread: Funny video parodies with my friends!

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    Red face Funny video parodies with my friends!

    I'm new on this board and I'm crazy about video editing.
    With my friends, we use to make funny videos when we're on holidays!
    I would like to share the best ones with you, hope you'll enjoy it :

    Here you can see that I've tried to be as closed as possible to the original music video (Telephone - Lady GaGa, watch it on Youtube, you'll see!).
    I have to make all the graphics on Adobe Illustrator before. I realized that it was not so much hard to reproduce effects shown on the original video, you just need times : Around 60 hours for the whole video editing.
    Thanks for watching, can't wait to read your comments

    PS : Other video parodies can be seen on my account, if you like, feel free to watch others!

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    These are great. So much more fun than the "ordinary" holiday video which your friends would watch mayve once or twice.
    A lot of work, but well worth it.

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    Yes, looks like great fun. I'm sure I'd get it a lot more if I was more familiar with the original video. As it is I have an allergy, Gagaphobia.

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    Thank you so much for the nice things you've said. Thats totally exact, I use to make those videos to have a fun souvenir to share and not a boring thing that nobody wants to watch...
    And sorry for you GaGaphobia, is it contagious LOL?
    Me, I'm unfortunately GaGaddict

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    I don't think GaGaphobia is contagious but there is a cure for GaGaaddiction. Take one "Dark Side of the Moon" in the morning and a "Wish you were here" in the evening. At weekends if things get bad take a double dose of The Wall. In an emergency call the "Never mind the bollocks" help line.

    Follow this routine for at least a month and you should be fine.

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    Am i wrong or It seems that you also have a Pink Floydaddiction... 2 deseases at the same time, it's horrible
    By chance, I guess that the GaGaphobia helps you live with your Pink Floyaddiction, LOL
    I'm quite sure that you will find one song that you'll like in the new album, DJ shadow has made miracles

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    DJ shadow has made miracles
    I'm sure that means something to people half my age. lol

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    Why? How old are you?

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