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    I've been trying to render a project that was shot at 1920 x 1080-50i. I set the project properties to this setting, edited the video, then, when I tried to render using the HD 1080 25i template no 50i template) with the frame rate changed to 50 and the field order to upper. It just won't do it.

    Am I being thick expecting it to do it ?
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    Why change the frame rate to 50 MB? What's the error message?

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    I was trying to match the footage which I shot in 50i. The error message from Vegas was just the generic can't do it and can't tell you why message.

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    I shoot in 50i a lot, but I use 25fps in Vegas.

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    Like I said, I wasn't sure if I was just being thick.

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    I think this explains it pretty well;
    50i (50 interlaced fields = 25 frames) is an interlaced format and is the standard video field rate per second for PAL and SECAM television.

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    So I was just being thick.

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    Each complete frame is made of 2 interlaced fields (odd/even) so 25fps = 50i
    This could be seen on VHS machines when the tape was on freeze, any movement in the image would jitter, this was because of the interlaced fields

    24 is a progressive rate

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    Midnight Blue do look at this simple video explaining the concepts being discussed in this thread. It will also go a long way to instructing people on how to understand the errors that can be got by incorrect field order swapping, which leads to field separation or "Combing":-


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    Thanks for your input guys. I was obviously being thick. I was trying to save the video at 50 fps with an interlaced field thinking that was 50i. On what occasion could the 50 fps be used, would it have to be with footage that is shot at say 720-50p ? Also I could not think with something that was shot at 25i, that would actually only be 12.5 fps x 2. I suppose we are spoiled having HD these days.

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