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Thread: Chroma key help vegas ms 10

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    Default Chroma key help vegas ms 10

    I've been doing some blue screen chroma keying in vegas, the problem i have is that i can't key the blue effectively without losing black as well. Ive got sidelights on the bluescreen and a light on the subject, but still i lose the black. Ive spent ages messing with lighting and the chroma key settings in vegas to no avail. Does anyone have any tips on how to get the keyer to distinguish the blue from the black?
    Not sure if this is a problem with the source environment or my keying technique. Not using black in the video is not an option unfortunately.

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    Have you tried your techniques with a green screen?...Maybe the blue is just too close a colour to the black, maybe it will be much easier with a green backdrop if you cant lose the black??

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