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Thread: Need help with setting borders for track motion in Vegas Studio

  1. Default Need help with setting borders for track motion in Vegas Studio


    I want to move graphic images in and out of the picture but I need it to start appearing at a certain vertical point in the video. As illustrated in the attached image, I'm using two .png images with transparent backgrounds on two different tracks with a third video track as background.

    If you look at the preview screen, I want the text graphics on the right to move to the left and disappear where the white vertical line is in the left graphic logo. So I know basic track motion but not how to set these sort of invisible barriers for the graphics to come in and out of. Hope you understand the problem and can help out!

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    If I understand your problem you could just put a mask on it to the point you want it to appear.

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    thanks for that quick reply, could I ask you explain a little bit more on how to do this?

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    In the Pan/Crop tool there is a masking option. Draw a mask around the bit of text you don't want to see then using key frames remove the mask and it appears.

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    ok im in the pan/crop window but can't find the masking option (see attached dump)..
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    My apologise, I didn't realise that Movie Studio didn't have this tool. It's in the Pro version of Vegas. So now I'm stumped.

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    ok perhaps there is another solution?

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    Yes there is. You could use the cookie cutter FX which is like a masking tool. If you don't have that tool you should be able to use the Pan/Crop tool to cut off the lettering at the left edge, where the white line is. Then if you want it to appear again on the other side of the logo put a copy of the text image on another track and use the Pan/Crop tool to reveal the image. Don't forget to de-select the size to centre button on the Pan/Crop tool.

    Hope this helps.

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    Movie Studio does have Cookie Cutter.

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    ok getting closer now. using the cookie cutter to set the part of the screen i want to mask. but then when i set the track motion, the masked area follows the motion and shifts its position..

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