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    Default What is good video editing software for....

    OKAY im just curious if its out there.

    Lets say i want my eyes to be an evil green colour. Is there software that will trace my eyes and let me fill it in with a green colour? kindof like paint?

    The only way i know how to do this is if i convert my video into a sequence of images... then manually change the colour of my eyes in all the sequences with GIMP. Then compress the images back into a video format.

    Im just wondering if someone has made some sort of tool where i can edit out stuff or have stuff inserted... I dont want to mix videos in a sequence.. i want to actually change the video.

    Another example would be... lets say i want my hands to be blue. can i select my hands and say Blue!

    or can i trace any object and cut it from a video or smuge the object blend it in so you cant see it. Over lap it with something else. etc...
    I guess what im looking for is a picture editing capabilities in video editing software...

    Is there such a program?

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    After Effects is what you're looking for. It's part of the Adobe Range so it's similar to Photoshop, but for Video.

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    What you are describing is Chroma-Key....Your eye-colour is selected by the "Picker" - in Vegas 10, say. then replace this with a video of a red colour (for example). If the vid is really close-up you could introduce a moving image - but I don't know what happens if there are two (=2 eyes) showing the chroma-key colour.

    Expect the effect to be a tad ragetty, since your eye-colour won't be a precise bright colour.

    An alternative is to hide yr eyes from the camera then introduce a still which you've altered the eyes (or lit with a back-mounted LED) thus you can draw attention to the eyes and if done quickly the viewer won't register the picture is a still. OR You can use a camera to film the still (with care) and then micro-movement will make it look like a regular shot. OR (Finally), replace the photo with a painted mask, lit eyes etc - and match the lighting, so the viewer doesn't notice the join. Plus a light application of diffuser, or stage "smoke" and you're there....

    Oh I must lie down....

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