Hello All,
new to AVCHD and recording to SDHC, and have found your comments about other matters very useful in trawling the site for my problem.
My problem is this, doing a long continuous shoot of more than an hour in 720 p , the SDHC 16G class 10 card breaks up the file into 4G size sections and I understand why this is, re Windows file handling of old.
However, when you join them up in the pc for editing the last 12 frames or so of each full file have no sound, leaving a 1/2 sec drop out in audio.
If played via the camera there, is no break in the sound, only when file transfer takes place.
I have tried downloading these files via usb from the camera and direct transfer via a card reader on the pc. Always the missing sound in the last 11 or 12 frames.
Anyone had this and got round it other than doing analogue audio dub to heal the joint area?
Looking at the file size the break point is very high between each file i.e. right on the 4G limit.
Here are two file sizes I have just had this problem with 4,189,038kb and 4,188,048 kb and I wonder if this is the problem, the sound fails because its the last thing on the file to be laid down and runs out of room, thus it moves to the next file.
No problem with shorter clip shoots though and although not convenient in performance terms I may be able to o find a stop start every 25 mins or so to shorten the file sizes, but not really ideal when you shoot a wedding ceremony or play.

It is not edit software as I have the same result in Adobe Prem 8, Sony Vegas HD and Windows player.
My Camcorder is Panasonic AG-HMC 41E from their pro stable. Panasonic were less than helpful in saying yes it spits up the file, but it should stitch seamlessly together in the edit as it does in the camera playback. In video terms it does!
Ideas please!