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Thread: Video_TS files on hard drive to burn to DVD

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    Default Video_TS files on hard drive to burn to DVD

    I have copied the files from the Sony Handycam Mini DVD onto my computer hard drive and now want to burn those files onto a DVD. Have tried Windows DVD Maker but this does not work even after converting the files to .MWV. From other posts there appears to be a problem with Windows DVD Maker.
    DVD Decrypter works fine if I still have the movie on the mini DVD but I need a solution as to how to burn a DVD with the files that are on my hard drive. DVD Decrypter does not allow one to point to the files being on a device other than the DVD drive.
    Is there a program that one could use to do this?

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    The video file from DVD is a .vob file Video_TS is the folder name.

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    Thank you for your reply, should I then just burn the .VOB file to DVD?

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    Will you be editing the files first.

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    No I don't need to edit, would be happy just to be able to burn the videos onto DVD to play in a DVD player. What would be nice is if I could burn multiple .VOB files onto one DVD, even if they are in different Video_TS folders, but if that isn't possible, one set of .VOB files within a Video_TS folder would be acceptable.

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    It should be a simple case of copying the full contents of the mini DVD onto your HD keeping the same directory structure that is on the disk and copy it all onto a blank disk.

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    Do you know what software to use to burn? You can use ImgBurn (free). I don't think you can take various vobs (from different video_ts folders) to burn onto the same DVD, you might be able to but without the video_ts and audio_ts folders, just burn the vob files but not all dvd players might read the disk. But burning one video folder (video_ts) with ImgBurn is easy.

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    Thank you, will give this a try.

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