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    This is my most recent work for a real estate client of mine.

    Director/Videographer by Cedric Sequerra

    Edited by Justin Everest

    Justin Everest LuckyFish Productions

    Music by The Temper Trap - Love Lost
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    It looked really nice. Just a couple of things the background music when the lady is talking should have been more in the background. When you did the fast cuts at the end it would have been better if they were more in sync. with the music.

    The quality of the shots looked very good.

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    I agree with Midnight about cutting to the beat and the quality of the imagery. Somehow though it totally failed to inspire me. Maybe because I'm not hideously wealthy with less taste than sense and a desire to let some bird tell me what tat I should fill my home with....

    Probably not your fault - I guess I'm just not the audience it's aimed at.

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    Very colorful, some shots and angles inspired an artistic point of view but others lacked and seemed really flat.

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    I thought it was cut to the beat (not the underlying 4/4 but the stressed quavers - but felt wrong because there was a slight delay (possibly down to Vimeo)
    I imagine it suits the market, though if I was in that market I'd probably want to see a bit more of the "lifestyle" and a bit less of the focus pulling (ie attention was drawn away from the content towards the photography).

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