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Thread: For Sale: SONY PMW-EX3 and loads of other gear. 5000

  1. Post For Sale: SONY PMW-EX3 and loads of other gear. Now 4500

    Sony PMWEX-3 - 4500

    I am selling my Sony PMW-EX3 and other bits and pieces. I paid 8000 for it a couple of years ago and used it occasionally for about a year (our main business is website design/development). It has hardly been used this last year so I have decided to sell up.

    This is a very well looked after camera and is is excellent condition. I have every single item that came in the box but unfortunateley the box was accidentally thrown out. The sale includes:

    • 1x Sony PMW-EX3
    • 1x 14x zoom lens
    • 1x Lens hood
    • 1x Remote control (never used)
    • 1x 1/2-inch lens adapter (never used)
    • 1x Shoulder strap
    • 1x 8gb Sxs Card
    • 1x USB cable
    • 1x BP-U30 battery
    • All documentation, software, cds etc etc.

    The camera has only 283 hours use. Here are some pics:

    As well as the camera I am selling some ther stuff. I will create posts for the other sales soon and post links.
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    A quick heads up on some of the other gear I'll be selling. Everything is in excellent condition...

    • KATA BP-502 bag (best bag for PMW-EX3)
    • Vinten Pro 5 Tripod
    • Mastering the Sony PMW-EX3 Camcorder DVD
    • Sony BP-u60 high bapacity battery
    • Rode NTSM5 mic mount
    • Sennheiser ME66/K6 microphone
    • Litepanels Mini (not micro) with battery, charger, filters, case and all accessories

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    Price is now 4500

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    Hi There,

    Is your Sony EX3 still for sale? I'm based in Suffolk in east anglia and looking to buy an ex3.

    If it's still up for sale could you please get back to me via -

    thanks very much,
    look forward to hearing from you.

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    Default AidanJ

    Hi is the camera still for sale

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    yes it is.

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    Default sony ex3

    I need to know the very minimum amount that you will accept.In fairness I would not ask you to publish it as you may get a better offer from someone else.You can email me at You can google me to see all my details

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    The very minimum amount is 4500.

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    Its a good price but outside budget at the present time.I suppose a sony 250 which I use on widescreen is no good as part payment.

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    Default Interested

    Is the camcorder still available? Could you please let me know where you are based and your contact details on my email: cestomanie at Thanks

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