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Thread: Help choosing a camera please

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    Im new to camcorders, i do alot of onboard cameras for motorsport, but i was approached to do some onboard stuff and also 3 - 4 cameras on track to get some of the days action to make a 10 video of the days racing..........there not after anything mad just a basic review of the day really. Im thinking of 3 - 4 HD Camcorders , tripod and decent head and rain covers..............i dont want to spend mad money on camcorders as this might not even work out. Just curious as to what you guys would recomend.......i found this on a site, would it be of any use ......... Panasonic Camcorders - Panasonic SDR-H85 (Black) 80GB HDD SD Camcorder

    and this........

    Sanyo Camcorders - Sanyo VPC-WH1 (Blue) Waterproof HD Camcorder

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    No that models rubbish in honesty. Your better going for the Pansonic HDC-SD700 its pretty much just as good as the huge pro cameras and it can handle that kind of filmimg. Alternatively go for the Panaosnic TM900 pal

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    Thanks for the advise

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