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Thread: Sound issues with this video

  1. Default Sound issues with this video

    How could we improve the sound issues in this video.

    Also what other kinds of things would make this video better

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    Im afraid you are screwed with this sound. There aint much software or hardware which could correct this.
    My advice would be to reshoot the video with either the camera nearer the subject, or use a radio mic to get a closer pick up, or a mic boom over head

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    The only thing i can think of regarding the sound on this video is....
    Save the sound track as a separate file, then load it into a good sound editor like "Sound Forge".
    Go into the "Noise reduction" filter, then take and save a sample of the sound you wish to remove.
    Make the sample as big as you can without degrading it with any wanted sound.
    Then using the "Noise reduction" filter, select the whole sound track and apply the filter.
    This will remove all the frequencies of the unwanted sound, from the wanted sound... leaving you with a "clean sound track".
    The problem will be that your wanted sounds may be degraded, but you may be able to ad depth to this with the various other filters available.

    Without actually have the audio track to experiment with, i can not be sure how the final results would turn out, but it may just be possible to salvage something.

    Good luck,

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    You may or may not be able to repair this BUT for your next video. You need to be aware of the sound that's going on around. The fan or A/C sound means you are going to make you shot difficult so turn it off or go somewhere quieter. The other thing to do is use an external mic, like Sasman said a clip on or a mike just out of shot on a boom or stand. The closer the mic the better. Just watch out for peeking if you talk directly into it. It's obviously going to go off the scale when you fire the gun.

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    If you put the audio into Sound forge you could use a precise eq filter to take out the low frequency rumble of the fan (tip:- mains powered appliances tend to run at the frequency of the AC power supply. In the USA, That's 60Hz.). The woosh of the air would need a wider filter at a much higher frequency.

    For the future, Close mic the source when you can. Remove or screen unwanted noise sources if you can. Reposition the camera away from the external noise.

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