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    Hey guys, just wanted to share this new piece called "The Board" for a 48 hour film festival. Please take a look! Our objective was to use this line " That guy's an abuser, a loser, a boozer, and a user." To prove it's not old footage, and the genre was "Hitman". Anyways we got the whole thing done in 40 hours with 8 hours to spare in case the render or upload goes wrong! Hopefully they don't notice the minor mistakes! Enjoy!

    THE BOARD - 6:30 Min

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    Usual good standard Freddie. Some dodgie exposure in places but it's forgivable as you only had 48hrs.

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    Thanks Midnight!

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    Very nicely put together - especially in such a short time. Not really as thought provoking (or in some cases for me, unfathonable") as some of your other films, but the quality shines through. The actors you use keep getting better and better.

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    Loved it...... looks absolutely fantastic (bit of OE in stadium shots but what do i know) excellent sound too. Could you explain the technical aspects of how it was shot.... camera, mic's etc ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by enc View Post
    . Could you explain the technical aspects of how it was shot.... camera, mic's etc ?

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