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    Have a 500gb Seagate and for some reason its not working !

    Ive always used them for storing the video when i have finished with it, and never had a problem, and still dont with the other 5 i have , so no idea what the best course of action is ?

    Basically on the 'Computer' browser, where you see your hard drives, its showing as full, ( 10.4gb free of 465gb ) but when you double clikc it, its just says 'This folder is empty' at the top of the browser

    Same thing if i try and go in via a program to import video or whatever, just shows it as empty

    Ive not done a thing to it now, no formating no recovery, nothing before i find out if theres an easy fix for this


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    The only solution to your problem is to use data recovery software, such as PC Inspector File Recovery. This application is completely free, and it works fine. It helped me once or twice in the past few years. Do not let yourself any illusions, it's not perfect, and does not work all the time.

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