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    For anyone interested in joining a new, UK based cooperative who are intent on providing professional filming and behaviour standards in Churches, please PM me for adding your details.

    *Church Wedding Filming Society*


    In light of the recent Royal Wedding and the magnificent images from the wedding ceremony, we as professional video producers would like to be able to continue our tradition of offering similar discreet, but emotive images to all our wedding clients who choose to marry in Church.

    We pledge to carry out work with utmost respect for the environment we are working in. We offer full cooperation with clergy regarding the locations of equipment placed within a church. We understand that in some cases churches have limited space for a tripod and camera at the front, but if possible, this offers not only the best recording of the couple making their vows before God, but also allows capture of all their joy and happiness that make these scenes so memorable for the bride, groom and their families.

    The following is a voluntary code of conduct, which we hope will demonstrate that we take our services to couples being married in the Christian church very seriously. Equally we hope it will show that we treat the church and it's ministers with the utmost respect and appreciate the sanctity of the wedding service is paramount.

    We value the solemnity of a Christian church wedding and believe a professionally filmed wedding DVD can act as a regular reminder to married couples of their promised wedding vows and help to reinforce and strengthen their Christian heritage and beliefs. We feel our services play a small but important part in helping to build the christian foundations of their married life together.

    Some operators will attend the rehearsal, but others who travel long distances will arrive in good time before the ceremony for a few minutes discussion with either the Verger or Clergy regarding suitable camera positions.
    We undertake that all operators adhering to this voluntary code of conduct will have adequate public liability insurance and also hold all licences required for the filming of organ music and hymns, a copy of which will be made available on request. Many operators use radio microphones for recording. Where they are used, we request time to carry out a brief check to ensure no interference with the internal Church systems
    We all undertake to remain in the same position throughout the wedding ceremony to ensure the dignity and solemnity of the service.
    All operators are aware of 'crown copyright' during the signing of the registers and where 'live signing' is allowed you can be assured that no filming of the register itself will take place.
    We will ensure appropriate and respectful standards of dress are maintained at all times whilst in or around the church and it's grounds
    We would like all Church officials to keep a diary of any misbehavour or lack of respect during wedding services and to inform xxxx via email xxxxx or telephone xxx of any operators who fail to keep to the terms set by the clergy in charge.
    Any associated producers who fail to abide by the above terms will be warned of their behaviour once only. Any subsequent failures will then have their details removed from our list of recommended operators.
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