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Thread: This is what I've been doing this morning !

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    Default This is what I've been doing this morning !

    Someone posted a link to this video from another forum. I thought I'd share it here. (I should warn, there are some naughty words in this).

    Then I found this. I hope he never critiques one of my videos

    BUT the funniest of all was this.

    After seeing these don't ever try and tell me that working in television is professional.

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    I found the Eurovision clip was more interesting rather than humorous. I always assume similar scenes occur in modern TV production; even though more of the co-ordination is automated. Sadly, Steward can't comment. Stewart Morris: Producer who worked in BBC light entertainment for over 30 years - Obituaries, News - The Independent

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    A couple of years ago we had a retired BBC producer give our club a talk. He played a news sequence with the talkback. There weren't the hystrionics as demonstratedin this clip, but there was a helll of a lot more going on. I lost the plot withing 10 seconds. These guys are incredible.

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