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Thread: Stock Video Update & Premiere 6.x

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    Default Stock Video Update & Premiere 6.x

    Just an update and a request on two things

    1) My next "task" on my to do list is getting the stock video part of digital-director up and running. I've not had the time to code a bespoke system, so I'm hoping I'll be able to hack and ammend a gallery I've purchased to act as a video preview and download service. I should have a "beta" version up and running by the weekend for you to test.

    2) To update the FAQ with the Premiere rendering question, could someone post a screen shot of their 6.x system before and after rendering non conformant media or unrendered effects.

    Thanks as always!

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    Here's Premiere 6.0 pre and post render, one effect, one transition, and one non-conforming Mpeg2 file.

    hope that's what you were after, I can try again if you like.
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