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    I'm editing a batch of 1960s Cinefilms, and one of the issues I have is, what I believe is called Vertical Hold.

    Basically the screen flaps, up and down the way it used to on televisions in the 1960s and 1970s

    Best way I can think of describing it is that in some frames, the picture is lower than it should be, and the bottom of it goes past the end of the screen and comes out the top - I hope I'm making sense.

    Anyway.........I am using Sony Vegas to put these Cines together, add some sound, and do some nice editing, and I would love to know

    (a) Is there a way to correct this flapping as it occurs a *lot* in these videos
    (b) If the flapping cannot be corrected, is there a way to drop any frames in which flapping occurs? Because the source tapes have no audio it won't really matter if these frames are dropped.

    To date I have been using VideoReDo to *manually* remove each and every frame that is part of a 'flap' and the resultant video looks great - however it will take me another 100 years to do this with the rest of the cinefilms, so ideas are welcome!!!


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    Telecine work is highly complex work. Once you've got it into Vegas the vert line sync damage has already been done. If by flapping you mean you've got 1 frame in 25 slipped then as you say removing it or even attempting to rectify with some form of remedial activity, on the Vegas Timeline, would be the way of madness.

    If I've understood you correctly, my advice, re-telecine the work.


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