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    A film made entirely in 24 Hours for the Film Racing initiative.

    At 3am in the morning we were given a theme, an action and a prop which we had to incorporate into a film, written, filmed and edited all in 24hrs.

    Theme: Identity Thief
    Action: Looking through a peephole
    Prop: A deck of cards

    Matt Evans (mattjeh)
    Emma Porter

    For those guys here who know my comedy, yes, the idea for this was mine! But the script was then written by a few of us and this was a major team effort!

    I didn't do any of the editing work however, that was handled by another team member. As I remember, after being up since 2:30am and having no sleep, once we rapped filming at 7:30pm I went home and drank lots of wine. It was a good day.

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    Nice one Matt. I know you said it was a team effort but it's got your finger prints all over it. To produce something as good as this in 24 hrs is amazing. I liked the pace, the humour, etc.

    Well done to all.

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    We were brainstorming 'identity theft' ideas just after 3am in the morning, I was quite quiet for a while, then came out with 'What if we 'accidentally' steal someone and then try to sell them off as inanimate objects'....People laughed, the rest is history.

    On another note, I just made Youtube Partner!
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    On another note, I just made Youtube Partner!
    Well done Matt.

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    It only took four and a half years.....
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    Loved it. Very, Very good indeed. I wish I had the creativity to come up with stuff like that. T'riffic.

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    That's the first film of yours which made me cry (OK, nearly cry). The scene when you and the Poker Table became parted was worse than Bambi's mother being shot.
    No further comment.

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    Glad you all like, we've still not heard anything at all if it's through to the next round or won any achievements. Filmracing is well behind this year it seems.
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