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Thread: Capturing From Camera - Which Camera to Use

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    Hi all, this is my first post.

    I have two mini DV cameras, neither of which are very good, and naturally I want to get the best (hopefully consistant) quality as I can. One of the cameras is of higher quality than the other and I'm filming with both units to achieve muliple shot angles. I'm using Premiere CS4 to capture and edit; my qustion is:

    Should I (firewire) capture from the unit that I filmed the mini DV tape on or should I capture from the higher quality camera? Or does it matter?

    If it doesn't matter, would it diminish any quality to capture all from the lesser quality unit? Let me please explain why I would want to do this... the lesser camera has an AC adapter wheras my newer, (relatively) better camera has of yet only battery power.

    clear enough?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Assuming there is no fault with the camera it doesn't really matter which you use. Once the information is on the tapes it just a sequence of zero's and ones, the better camera makes a difference in getting it on to the tape but from there to the pc you'll get the same results with either unit.


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    Thanks David, that was the answer I wanted to hear. This will reduce needless battery charging as well as the wear-and-tear on the heads of the newer unit.


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