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Thread: Music Video Editing Paid Work

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    Default Music Video Editing Paid Work

    We need a video editor for a music video project we have.

    please email me on

    Let me know:

    Your Hourly Rate
    Software you use
    your location
    links to projects if any...

    also looking for people who are skilled on colour correct/getting the HD looks/Apple Colour for other bits of paid work ie artwork etc.

    Also if any camera men want to email me there hourly rate and location.


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    For editing a video you wouldn't charge an hourly fee, just a finialy bill.

    I use Sony Vegas Pro 10.0c
    U.S - Detroit

    I also know camera men who help me with projects here and there.

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    Could i have more information about the type of video you want edited?
    Im based in the UK, London
    I am a cameraman and editor who can work well with grading.
    I used final cut pro and after effects

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    Evan Randall- Junior at NIU studying Video Production emphasizing post.
    Experience: Editor at Comtech Corporation
    I use Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Encore
    Pending more information on specifics: $100 per video
    I am located in the Chicago area

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    My name is Dan Evans

    250 daily rate for filming; 90 daily rate for editing.
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 & Adobe After Effects CS5
    Birmingham, UK has all my work and what I do but here's a direct link to the multimedia page:
    Expressive Arts Productions Ltd -- West Midlands Video Production

    Also interested in any camera work you have. Hope that helps,


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