Hello, I'm selling my laptop on eBay and it ends on Sunday. I didn't think to post a link here before now, but I just realised that it's of interest to any video editor who's looking for a laptop to do editing on (which is what I myself used it for).

It's got an intel i7 processor (8 threads!), and a Nvidia Quadro 2800 graphics card (with CUDA).

The LED-backlit screen is full HD (that's 1920x1080) and supports 48Hz, 50Hz, and 60Hz, which I found useful for getting super-smooth video playback with PAL, NTSC, and film framerates.

Here's the link to the eBay item: High-end workstation laptop (i7, nVidia Quadro 2800) | eBay UK

It ends on Sunday, so not long if you're interested.

P.S. I hope that it's alright that I'm 'pimping' an eBay link. If it's not, may the mods have mercy.