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Thread: The Inspection School film

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    Default The Inspection School film

    Your thoughts on this film....there are quite a few problems I had editing this in sony vegas 9, I had no understanding of render settings as you will see and am a basic user.

    The students are now in the process of creating a second follow up film, this time with a Sony HD camera so hopefully the quality will improve.


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    Like you said there is a lot technically wrong with it BUT there is an awful lot right with it as well. I think the important thing about a project like this is that you all seemed to have fun making it and I'm sure it got the kids well working together.

    I would say a couple of things that might help improve your next production use a tripod more especially on the long shots. The opening title shot would have looked better if it was still along with with the titles. Try and get the actors to speak slower or more clearly as it's often hard to understand them so you can loos a lot of the humour if you didn't hear an important line of dialogue. Better sound recording may have helped but I don't expect a Hollywood production from a school, that's why the diction has to be very good if the sound recording equipment isn't great.

    I liked the gag about the cooks voice but then repeating the same voice gag for the next "teacher" fell flat. I don't know if it was the kids who wrote the script but that is something to watch out for next time. I find kids are very creative so a repetition of the same joke isn't necessary.

    That's just a few basic pointers which may help you in your next production.

    It was fun to watch so well done to all involved.

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    Not only great fun, but they must've learnt loads doing it. You've done a great job.
    Having an HD camera will for the follow up is not necessarily a good idea. It may improve resolution, but it'll hammer your computer editing it. Unless it's superior in other ways or you have to have HD, I'd stick with SD.
    I look forwad to it.

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    Default The Inspection 2; Return of the Inspector

    Thanks so much Midnight Blue; some good advice there. The first film went down well and we raised more than 300 for charity screening it at school and selling DVD copies.

    we have just made a second film, a follow up to the first...Tim I think you are partly right about was uneditable on my Pc spec...I converted to mainconcept in vegas....but then on conversion to DVD it was further reduced....but it was easier to work with as less problems with format and anti-shake was better (we have no tripod!!!)

    again this film made same amount for charity....We realised we needed whole school involvement tihs 90% of students are in it (about 100; end scenes are my favourite!!) and even the headteacher is in it! original is 20 minutes so for youtube I had to cut it down hence music video is shorter.

    it was good fun, although stressful at times, it was well worth the effort. I am getting used to Vegas on the basic level now. (also see trailer on my youtube channel...template from Aquul



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