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Thread: Genuine complete and utter newbie - a bit terrified of you all

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    Default Genuine complete and utter newbie - a bit terrified of you all

    Hello all,
    My name is Gideon and I am an Air Conditioning Engineer hailing from Staffordshire.

    I have only ever used a Sony Hi-8 Camcorder before along with a software package that was very buggy to produce 'days out' DVD's for the family. It added music and titles and fade aways and the like.

    You can see from this that i am a complete rookie.

    I play American Football but im getting a bit old to play these days (22 years on the field) and was thinking about becoming the Club Videographer. I'd eventually like to be able to Video the game (in HD?) and some interviews afterwards and make a DVD that would have a commentary option if it was wanted and maybee add some graphics to make it look a little like you would see on the TV.

    I have a Dell VOSTRO 1720 laptop which is less than a year old and i have no video camera.

    I have gamefilm of older matches and so im probably best having a play around with creating the DVD's first and hopefully get some good results, so that by next season ( April 2012 ) i could buy a decent Video Camera that would allow me to do the whole thing?
    Any money made from the sale of the DVD's to players and their family etc would go on the youth development programme. an enthusiastic rookie, can anyone give me an idea as to what software i should spend my hard earned cash on?

    and, for the furure, what Video camera would be good to look at for capturing fast moving sports ?

    Thankyou in advance, and please be kind

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    Just dropped by to say "Hi", and welcome to the site.
    I too am new here, only a member for a few days, but noticed that you are from Staffs.

    I was originally from North Staffs, now in Telford, Shropshire.

    All the best,

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    the team i play for is Shropshire Revolution. We have a game on Sunday at Oakengates Leisure Centre, Telford on the Athletics Track kick off 2.30, entrance is free

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    Welcome to the forum Giddy, I would recommend something like Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD, It costs about 40 and will do all that I think you will need at this stage. It is upgradeable if at a later stage you want to become more adventurous with your video editing. There are many other pieces of software around at this price BUT I'm only familiar with Vegas, Unfortunately I would have to recommend avoiding Pinnacle Studio as it seems "buggy" especially on making the DVD side of things. The other advantage of using Sony is that there are a lot of this forums members that use it so there is lots of help available.

    You can down load a free trial version from HERE. I know I sound like a Sony sales man but I'm not. There are other video editing software free trials on the net if you do a Google search.

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    cheers, i'll download it and give it a go

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    In answer to your question about editor software... i quite like "Magix Video" for quick and simple editing, for more advanced demands i use Adobe Premiere.
    Magix has loads of effects built in for both video and sound, not as advanced as "Vegas" but may be easier to get to grips with while starting out.

    as for camera.... i suggest you hang on until you are ready to buy, the technology and specs for camera's is advancing at such a rate that in six months whatever you buy now will be superseded.
    I have four video camera's, an old SVHS, Mini DV and 2x HD and i use all of them to varying degrees... the SVHS in old but still gives good result, but i can take more risks with it than i would with the newer HD one's.
    Once you feed the results through the video editing process's, it can still give acceptable results.
    Also for sound, although i do record sound with the camera's, i tend to use a separate portable multi-track sound recorder for the master recording, them fit the sound to the video during the edit.

    Use an external (off camera) mic for interviews...something directional.

    What i am trying say is.... wait until you have a good idea of what your need are, before spending your money.

    Best wishes,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mannering Media View Post
    .. wait until you have a good idea of what your need are, before spending your money..
    Very good advice. A poster recently just wanted to go out and blow a couple of grand on kit - with little idea of how they would use it. And of course the problem is - a good tripod could eat that up alone.

    I'd go with the Vegas tip - I use it and I find it fabulous. Very intuitive. I've never got to grips with Adobe s/w but that's just personal.

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    Hi Giddy and welcome. There's really no need to be terrified. Like most forums we give time-wasters short shrift (and fortunately we get very few of those), but anyone who is geninely after help or offering advice is warmly welcomed. There are no stupid questions, and many have been answered here already. However, we don't always come up with the "right" search terms, so ask away and people will point you in the right direction - even if its only at a previous post.

    Mannering Media is correct in that Magix is a very capable editor. But on this particular forum, Vegas probably has the most help available, along with Premiere and Final Cut.

    Definitely try before you buy. Most consumer packages have a time limited trial. Vegas is a bit of a "marmite" package when you first use it. Some people (including me) found it very simple, logical and intuitive when they first try it out, whereas others complain it's extremely complicated. If you do try it out, make sure you run through the Interactiev Tutorials under "Help" to get some of teh basic principles under your belt. Others find Premiere Elements much simpler, whereas I found myself constantly searching for and rearranging all the tabs that seem to clutter up the desktop. This isn't a criticism, it's just my preference.

    As for a camera, you'll want to look for a certain amount of manual control to increase shutter speed and aperture for sharper fast actio images. Most cameras have this facility, but if you want it readily accessible - via manual buttons, rather than hidden away in menus on the LCD. Unfortunately these buttons add a bit to manufacturing cost.

    I've no idea of your budget, but if you're looking at up to 1000, you won't go far wrong with the Panasonic TM900 (ignore the silly 3D add-on capability - unless, of course you want to play with silly 3D). The combination Optical/Electronic Image Stabilization has received much praise and I suspect might come in very useful when you're using the camera off-tripod to grab some action footage.

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    thanls for the info, chaps!

    plenty to think about there

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