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Thread: Short Film: Ding Dong

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    Default Short Film: Ding Dong

    Short Film: Ding Dong

    It runs for just over 6 minutes and represents for me an experience of directing and framing of shots. Maybe next time the story will improve.

    Filmed using a Sony VX2100 and edited using Sony Vegas. All sound was add afterwards during the editing process.

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    Nice work. I could tell you thought the story through very well before you filmed and edited. Loved the B/W effect and then transition of the color at end. Very interesting story plot I have to admit.

    Could not help but notice that this was filmed on the Isle Of White. My father was born in Ventnor and many of our family history comes from this Island. We used to visit very often and just love it. I always tell people who are traveling to England from the US on vacation to visit as it is so peaceful and a great place to go to experience England. I have to admit I am not familiar with "The Barn". Is this your place? :

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    Thanks, no the Barn isn't my place, it is a holiday home that can be rented and was ideal for Ding Dong.

    As much as Ding Dong was thought though, things (shots) always end up being different on the day Also, after editing i can always pick faults, too many faults and think of other ways to approach shots

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