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Thread: Is It Worth It Anymore?

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    I started in the video production business in 1986 at the age of 16 working for two well established companies in my area. I`m now 41.

    I got very lucky at the time to get the both jobs by sending out cvs (if thats what you can call them when your 15 years old)over a one year period.

    Obviously I worked for free with the first company for 6 months so they could try me out and then I ended up working for them for 5 years.
    They produced event and sport videos for football clubs, speedway etc.
    There was issues though. Money was only coming from the sale of copies and only sold when teams did really well e.g. won by 3 goals to 0 etc.
    Some jobs would not generate any income at all and also with theives (which they are) making illegal vhs and beta copies, this put the company in a very bad situation and they ended up closing down.

    I then moved on to the second company 3 months later with the knowledge I had gained from the previous.
    They were producing mostly corporate productions. Very good company to work for, 8 years in total.
    They were producing programs on High Band umatic sp and betacam sp systems. Very expensive at the time and then suddenly everything went digital.

    Ohh nooo....! This is when it all started to go wrong!

    The company had invested alot of money in their equipment.
    They had long lease problems and as digital equipment was now cheaper to purchase, the one man band was established and started to jump on the band waggon.

    The company ended up closing down due to corporate budgets falling, so I thought thats enough for working for companies lets join the wonderful world of self employment and the freelance minefield.

    What a hard stressful mistake!

    I should have learnt from the companies I worked for.

    Ive now been in the video business from the age of 16 to the age i am now (41) with all the marketing knowledge, expertise and equipment you could need.

    I can tell you it has not been easy.

    Its been difficult all them years trying to get jobs with good pay to keep my head above water and to feed my family.

    There seems to be no value in professional video services anymore.

    Most companies have pcs with free editing software and a 150.00 video camera and will point, shoot and upload to their website and be done with.

    The most annoying thing is that I am now trying to compete with university students.
    They go out and do videos for free on the equipment that i have paid for through my taxes. It should not be allowed.
    I understand they have to learn the craft somwhere but why not just do it on campus. If it carries on there will be no companies left to work for.

    Actually I think it is happening now.... Yellow pages advert had 1 video company advertising this year...Last year there were 12.
    Will obviously see more adverts next year then gone the year after.
    Oh well.... This industry has gone to the dogs..... May as well sign on. at least I will feel worth something.
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    I wish I could offer you more than just an understanding what your going through. Believe me, being on the dole is not the answer (I've done that) you will quickly learn how worthless you can really feel when you are beholden to the state. The answer is to promote yourself and your business as much as you can. Think up new areas to diversify into get into peoples faces that is the only way forward.

    I've been self employed since 1983 (not in the video business) This is my third recession, so I know something of what you are saying. I know I could never work for anyone else full time. I would rather beg on the streets before becoming beholden to the state. So my advice to you is remember what you felt like when you was that enthusiastic boy of 15 because you are that same person but a little wiser.

    So if the number of Videographers has dropped from 12 down to 1 in your area see that as an opportunity, less competition.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the info Midnight Blue

    There should be a link in the forum for video producers to put their experiences forward.

    It not all about being positive. Reality is most people are getting negative vibes with the industry.

    Heading similar to:
    "Want to flog a dead horse- Be skint - Have no work - Lots of Stress! Become a video producer"
    I reckon there will be lots of input in that forum.

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