Hi guys,

I have a question about capturing from multiple cameras simultaneously. I'm not an editor by trade, and this isn't even really an editing question, but forgive any blatant stupidity on my part--fish out of water here.

I've been doing some VHS/MiniDV/DV/any old format tape-to-DVD transfer as a little side business while I'm desperately unemployed for some income, and it's starting to take off. I've got way more tapes than I'll be able to do as quickly as I'd like right now, and I'm wondering if there's a way to speed it up. I'm not even doing anything fancy--no real editing of the tapes. Most people just want a straight transfer to DVD so they can just be able to watch their old baby videos again.

I've been using a Pinnacle Dazzle as my capture device, hooking a camera into that and then the Dazzle into my computer. What my question is, is if I had say three Dazzle's hooked up to three cameras/VCR running into my computer, could I be capturing three videos at once? If so, what's my ceiling for how many I could have going at once?

I'm assuming that if anything, it's a hardware restriction, right? I'd need a fast enough processor and enough RAM to get the job done without any stutters. If that's true, what sort of hardware am I looking at? I've been planning on upgrading my desktop anyways, and this seems like a great excuse to get it done right away, so I was thinking of just getting a custom tower set up with the bare bones essential (figuring an i7, 8-12 gigs of RAM and some big hard-drives would be ok?) and having that be the main work-horse for the capture.

Thank you very much in advance for help--it's much appreciated!!