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Thread: works of "BallsUpPictures"

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    Default works of "BallsUpPictures"

    I'm planning to post here my short videos, (from time to time):
    And here it is!

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    Very good.

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    Thank you!)
    Hope someday I'll be able to get nice job in film industry

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    This is my favourite of those posted by you so far. Great opening sequence. Convincing effect with the ball - the physics all seemed right. The advertising hoarding wasn't quite so convincing for some reason. Great light hearted feel.
    Well done.

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    I like this too, and I also like your intro sequence. But I'm not sure if youtube will be keen on it.

    The dynamics look great, what did you use for that?

    The first thing that stood out for me as not being quite right is also the sign, I can't quite put my finger on it. It could be that it should be in full shadow, but while theres no real reference to it's actual colour it seems more like it's in full light. Which is a problem I'm sure you were aware of as if it was in full shadow it wouldn't be as affective at it's purpose.

    The other thing is the depth of field, did you add this completely in post. I think it does help the composite, but it has a strange effect. It kind of makes the scene look like a minature with a small/normal sized ball, rather than normal with a giant ball.

    It's just how depth of field works, were more used to seeing in at the narrow end of lenses or with close up marco. It has a similar effect to faking minatures with tilt shift photography.

    I don't think it's a problem, I'd either tone it down a good bit (especially at the close end), or try to take it further to get the full on effect, but that wouldn't be as straight forward.


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