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    Hi guys
    Can anyone shed any light on my annoying little problem?

    I have a Panasonic SD600 and love the picture quality, especially when I connect the video directly to my Samsung 40 LED TV. The problem that I hope someone can shed some light on, is that as soon as I edit the footage (I use Cyberlink PD 9) I loose quality, no matter what I do. But, as I only have a 16gb card, I have to delete the video on the SD card because I need it back in the camera. So, I copied the footage directly onto my PC then tried copying it back onto the sd card and tried to play the file on the camera through the tv again. It wouldn't play and I don't understand why. The files look identical

    Anyone know why?



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    We need a lot more info about your work flow so we know what's going on. I think the most important thing you could tell us is the format and settings you are rendering to.

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    Hi & thanks for getting back to me.
    The format is .MTS which my Samsung 6series TV cannot recognise. So the only way to play raw footage is by connecting the camera directly to the tv. The picture quality is simply stunning. As I said I am using Cyberlink's Powerdirector 9 because it seems to handle the 1080p/50 reasonably well. However when I come to produce my work there are several options. The best I have found that will play on my TV is .WMV at it's highest full HD setting, but the loss of quality is really spoiling the experience.
    So, I tend to use the camera attached to the tv quite a lot. The other day I needed to use the camera for another project, but the SD card was full of stuff that I didn't want to lose, so I copied/pasted the files over to my pc, then formatted the card. Later I copied/pasted the files back onto the sd card. The files looked identical to the original in every way I could see. However, the camera no longer recognised them.

    My 2 questions are:

    Editing. Is there any way of editing using a lossless format?
    Why won't the cameral recognise identical files that have been moved to a pc and then back again.

    I hope I managaed to make this a little clearer.



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    You say you copied your SD card to the computer and then copied it back to the card. Is there a directory structure on the card that the camera needs so it can recognise the video files. There are sometimes associated files that need to be copied along with the video files or they won't play.

    I am kind of shooting in the dark as don't know the camera. This is true for my Panasonic camera.

    Your first point about lossless format. This simple answer is yes there are lossless formats but these files tend to be massive and difficult for some systems to play back. BUT if you have the right settings you should be able to render out a very good quality video in a usable format. I find the HDV format to be a good compromise between quality and usability. BUT there are many other formats that can be used which will give you a good result. One of the main points about image quality is the bit rate usually the higher the better. BUT again this depends on what your camera shoots at. eg. if your camera shoots at 25Mb per second then keep your render at that level to keep the quality.

    Please be aware that I am not an expert in this subject and that I am speaking in very general ways as the subject is vast and ever changing.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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