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    This video has a couple of firsts for me. One, it was shot with a Panasonic TZ18, compact digital camera and (I know you won't believe this) I've done a split screen for the first time in one of my videos.

    AND I didn't have a tripod either.
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    Nice work Dave. your very lucky having an understanding wife who doesn't clam up any time a camera is pointed in her direction

    some nice footage there will be great to look back on in a few years.

    The split screen was well executed but not sure it worked for me with this footage and in this context. i think a close up of a flower ....say a daisy or butter cup would have worked better than the ducks.

    nice vivid colour (typical of the TZ compact) i take it this is raw footage without any colour correction.

    I'm a longtime fan of Panasonics TZ range and currently considering upgrading to the TZ20 (from TZ10)

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    I did put a soft contrast on the shots containing Mrs M. and the shot of the fish I increased the contrast a little to help see the fish in the water but the vivid colours of the flowers etc., is all raw. It's funny when we went out I had decided not to take a camera but after seeing Mrs M. taking stills, I had to steel the camera off her and put it on movie mode. I think I was getting into the music to much when I started to think about the split screen showing the baby and the mother and Mrs and Miss M. Anyway it was just a bit of fun.

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    That was a great close-up of Mrs Midnight (or is it Mrs Blue?). Like enc, I'm not sure about the use of the split screen - although I realise you just fancied giving it a go. What may have worked was to freeze-frame a shot in one quarter as you bring in the next quarter, then freeze that as you bring in the next etc. So basically you are building up a collection of stills from the moving image. Then again, I'm not sure that would work here.
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