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Thread: Web compressions?

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    Question Web compressions?


    Recently I checked out a clip from a feature film on the Tube. Ever since I have been using the Tube for sharing videos, there has been a 10 minute bar on uploads. Anyway, I started watching the clip and was stunned when it unfolded into the full movie - some 100 minutes. What gives?

    Secondly, and this more addresses the subject, the quality. The quality was exceptional, I clicked on full screen mode and I might have been sitting back and watching the film on television, the quality was *that* good. What gives?

    I use H264 codec for web uploads which is the best I have ever found, but I'm wondering if there is a new kid on the block? Also, might HD have something to do with this? I mean, what is HD basically if not finer pixels, 100 times finer than standard DV?

    Advice please. When I want to preview my work on line obviously I want the best quality reproduction I can manage, don't we all?


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    I can't offer information on what durations/codecs etc. youtube allow/use, but I'm sure someone can. But I do seem to recal hearing somewhere recently that they have extended the upload duration for certain people/companies/organisations. The ability to upload HD is just something they had to do as SD consumer camcorders became obsolete.

    I really just replied here in relation to your comment
    I mean, what is HD basically if not finer pixels
    That's pretty much all that HD is, anything else that goes along with it are either advances in technology that have apeared at the time of HD or in relation to codecs and compression methods, just ways (compromises) of lowering the higher resolution image sequence bandwidths for real world storage/transmition/playback etc. Exactly the same as was necessary with standard definition.


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