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    I have a Panasonic AVCHD camcorder - about 8 months old - which is giving me problems, I have written 3 emails to Panasonic support, all of which have been ignored so I am hoping someone on here may be able to help resolve my difficulty.

    The problem is two-fold. Firstly, from time to time the image vibrates violently from side to side for a few seconds, then settles down - almost as if the camera were being shaken.#

    Secondly, I am having permanet difficulty in getting the camera to focus in what I think are fairly ordinary situations which should be well within it's capabilities. The unit works beautifully until I try to zoom in on a subject then, no matter what I do, it will not focus.

    It will not focus in auto, nor maual focus mode, nor in macro. For example yesterday I went to a Tropical Butterfly house and the camera failed to focus on at least 30% of the potential subjects - in zoom or close-up. Some of the subjects were very tricky and I accept that, but many of them should have been within the cameras ability.

    Today I tried to film a Dragonfly on a wooden rail...the unit would not focus, then focussed briefly but, as soon as I tried to zoom in closer, it went out of focus and stayed out of focus.

    I am not an expert with this kind of equipment and accept that I may have some incorrect settings selected...but I have a horrible feeling that the camera is faulty.

    I would greatly appreciate any guidance you may be able to offer.

    Thank you

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    I would get it looked at before the warranty runs out. Take it back to the place you purchased it from.

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    I also have a Panasonic AVCHD camcorder, and (touvh wood) I have had no problems with it.

    When you experience the focus issues, are you always trying to focus on objects that are very near to you? I tried to focus close-up on a butercup the other day, and it couldn't do it until I got a certain distance away from the object. Just a thought. I am not very technical, so probably won't be able to help you much, but I wish you luck in getting it sorted.

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    No, not always Mike...amongst yesterdays failures were objects at least 25-30 feet away...focus is fine until about 3/4 zoom...then it all goes out of control.



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    Yes...I have a suspicion that you're right...

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    I am so extremely tired of the non existing customer support. You spend roughly 1800 dollars, and when the product you buy has failure, they do not answer your emails!
    I have a Panasonic AVCHD camera with which I am planning on using for interviews. I have tried it a couple of times, I zoom in on the persons eyes, set the focus and then zooms out a little. And the focus is always right behind the person - not on their eyes.

    I bought the camera online, and I hate that I now have a hassle trying to fix this. What rights do I as a customer have? I bought this camera less than two months ago, and this is really freaking me out. Also, I moved here from Europe, so I have no idea what rights I as a customer have in this.



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