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Thread: 32 verse 64 bit formating problem

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    Default 32 verse 64 bit formating problem

    I have been using Flash video MX pro to upload a videos with player skins for the past few years. I have not experience any problems when viewing them in the 32 bit format. However I recently upgraded my system to 64 bit IE 9 and unfortunately they do not run in that format but still do in 32 bit. Their representative told me that their software is not comparable with a 64 bit systems and that they are not at the present time planning on making it be.

    Could some please post a link to a site that would provide me with the ability to upload videos with player skins that will run in both 32 and 64 bit formats. Going to The Imagineer's Chronicles and viewing it in both 32 and 64 bit formats will help you to understnad the problem.

    Thank you


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    Sorry. I don't understand. I looked briefly at the first video, in 64bit MSIE; then in 32bit Firefox. They appeared to look the same.

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    I've tried loading them in both 64 Namoroka (the 64 bit version of firefox) and internet explorer 9 without any success. (Please see screen shot ). Could you please make sure you sure you are using a Namoroka 64 bit version of firebox and if so post.


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