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Thread: Connecting a VHS player to the PC (What's the best way?)

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    Default Connecting a VHS player to the PC (What's the best way?)


    I'm transfering some video footage from VHS to my computer's hard drive. The PC side of things is fine, as I've already got gigapocket and a TV card on my Sony PC. The trouble is, my video player hasn't got an s-video port so I can't connect it that way. At the moment I am using the line-out wires which are plugged into a scart adaptor on the video, with the line-out wires going straight into my pc. I have also had to connect the aerial lead from the back of the video and plug it into the pc. It all sounds very confusing but I guess I would just like some advice on connecting up a VHS to a PC when the S-video port isn't available!

    Thanks for your time

    Ps I've seen that you can buy a scart adaptor that has an S-video connection in it. So I could buy the adaptor, plug it into the back of the video, and then run the S-video cable from the adaptor and into my PC! Do you think this is a good idea? Also, I could spend 45 on a new VHS player with an S-video port but I only really wanna spend that much money if I really have to!

    Thanks again for your time!

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    Scart to S-video lead is the way to go. If you're not too anal about quality, get yourself one of those little kits with loads of different connections - they always come in handy. (Although that said, cheaper s-video leads + pcs have a tencdancy to = black and white video and I will get FLAMED for telling you to buy cheap leads).

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