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Thread: Credit Roll Lengthening Problem

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    Question Credit Roll Lengthening Problem

    As a super rookie in video editing using Vegas Movie Studio 9.0, this will most likely be a rather simple question. But, very important that I get this resolved ASAP. I'm making a video for a recently deceased friends wife and I have only 2 days to get it finished.

    At the end of my video, I have a very lengthy credit roll. In as much, somehow I need to radically stretch out the timeline for it so I can slow it down as much as possible. It was my understanding that I can grab the end of the credit roll, hold down the CTRL key and using my mouse stretch out to whatever length that I need to. For some reason, I can't do this. It is as if it's "locked" or something!

    It seems that I can shorten it in the timeline but not lengthen it. This has to be something I'm not doing correctly. To give you an idea how long this is, it is 1 1/2 type written pages. So, it needs to roll very slow.



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    At the top of the credit roll properties box, next to the size you should see a box called length, just type in the duration you want in that box, in the same format that it shows with the default 10 seconds that will be in already.

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    That did the trick. Thank you very much!

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