Just thought I would see if anyone is interested in making a video clip to a song I recently made. It is new age dubstep with rap vocals. You can listen to and download the song here: Mixdown 1.0 by JonnyUnderground on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free It still needs to be mixed down (mastered) which will take at least a week or two, but the length will be the same as what it is on the link.
Dubstep usually tends to have an evil overtone, with gasmasks being a common image, but the vocals in the track are more happier and bouncier than that.
When the track is finished I will be posting it on another page where I should be able to generate a few hundred views, and from there I can post a link to a youtube video, with full credit to you.
I am pretty open to letting a videographer let their imagination run wild, so basically if you want to make a video for this, let me know in this thread (incase someone else wants to) and I can let you take it from there.
There is no set time the video needs to be finished by.
Please respond if you are interested.

Thank you